The Port of Krnica ( Krnički port), the bay near Krnica (44 ° 57'N, 14 ° 3'E) is located on western entrance to the Rasa Bay, deeply encased in the mainland (length 1.8 km). The entrance faces the southeast, and is well protected from the wind Bora and the southern wind. The sea depth at the entrance is 39m, 29m in the middle of the bay. The bay is perfectly reachable by car form Krnica (2.6 km). During the 20th century it was the connection of Krnica and surrounding villages on the sea with the rest of the world. It was the Austro-Hungarian gendarmerie stations, and many merchant ships from all over the northern Adriatic found their harbor there.
Today you can find fishing boats in the bay during the year and during the summer also tourist boats. The beaches of the bay are very beautiful. The old core of the village has only a few houses. In the 20th century the holiday houses along the north coast began to spread, and only recently the excursion tourism in small stationary objects started to develop.


The largest town on the Istrian peninsula offers a diversity of attractions to lovers of culture. The rich itinerary of its three thousand year old history, where every step you take through the old town is a landmark, begins and ends with the Roman amphitheatre.

A great tourist asset is surely 190 kilometres of indented coastline, crystal-clear sea and beaches to suit everyone’s needs: smooth and even stone surfaces or pebbles for all generations, especially families with children or “secluded” beaches hidden by untouched greenery for those who want a bit of privacy.

While strolling through Pula you will come across numerous monuments of Roman architecture: the Triumphal Arch of the Sergi from the 1st century B.C., Hercules’ Gate and Twin Gates, the Temple of Augustus, Arena and Small Roman Theatre in the town centre. A unique experience will be moments of relaxation in the main town square, which has managed to retain its role as the meeting place since the Augustan Age.


Blue seas, white stone and the green interior make up the colour scheme of Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia. The blueness of its shoreline is contrasted by the lush greenery of its interior and the tiny, “acropolian” towns which, themselves somewhere between waking and sleeping, erase that thin line that divides the real from the illusion. And turn into your very own story.

The heart-shaped peninsula reaching deep into the clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea is a hidden garden of beauty which opens the door to the sunny and warm Mediterranean. Come and travel through it without hesitation, and the holiday of your dreams will become reality. Multicultural and hospitable, this is an area where wide-ranging diversities have come together to form a happy union. Istria’s crystal clear sea, clean shores and ports, its lively fishing boats and teeming narrow stone streets exude the true charm of the Mediterranean. Small, picturesque medieval towns perched on the peaks of its hills emanate the peace and gentleness of landscapes that irresistibly evoke the most beautiful parts of Tuscany or Provence.